I am not much for blabbing on about myself... After all... Do you care? The famous radio host used to say....

So I am going for "shorthand"

1962.. swiped brothers camera since he didn't like it anyway and went to the race track next to our house. Started photographing drag race cars. 

1967... asked local newspaper to get me into car races for free in trade for me shooting sports pictures for them... Not a fair trade; it rains too much during football season to allow sunny days to equalize the effect.

1969... college needed a photographer for both newspaper and yearbook... they even paid my tuition for a while.... 

1980's had a real job but that was the beginning of companies laying people off and going broke or being bought by bigger companies and ditching the employees.... Suffered for 10 years in this mode.

1989 started on full time photo operation and have really never regretted it. Thick or thin.

1997 website was born

2007 made a move toward digital cameras by going in debt again.... no point in looking back.

2011 computers take over... or something like that...

2012 bigger fast computers and camera..... better software.... photos better than ever.